Simultaneous Interpretation

This mode requires the use of simultaneous interpretation equipment. The interpreter, positioned in a soundproof interpreting booth, listens to the speaker through headphones and simultaneously translates what the speaker is saying into another language. Selecting the relevant channel, via headsets participants listen to the interpretation in the language of their choice.

When and why should I choose this mode?

In general, at events with more intensive content, where you want to use the time efficiently; meetings exceeding a couple of hours. 

At international congresses when there will be interpretation between three or more languages; in training sessions where you want all participants to react to questions or comments at the same time; at live broadcasts where time is limited.

Consecutive Interpretation

The speaker speaks for a few minutes and then pauses, allowing the interpreter, using their notes, to translate what has been said. The interpreter is usually located next to the speaker or in a position where they can easily hear them. Depending on the size of the venue and/or the number of participants, the speaker and interpreter might have to use a microphone.

When and why should I choose this mode?

Since it almost doubles the duration of the translated speech, consecutive interpreting is preferred at events lasting no more than a couple of hours, such as press meetings or interviews; when interpretation will be between only two languages; at workshops, trainings or employee interviews that you want to render more intimate and interactive; at events such as concerts, openings and award ceremonies where there are too many attendants to provide everyone with headsets and where interpretation is delivered on the stage, into one language only.

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Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter accompanies and interprets for a delegation, sometimes in the consecutive mode and sometimes by whispering in the simultaneous mode. Depending on the number of participants and languages in the delegation and/or the venue, you might consider using a wireless audio system called a “Tour Guide”, “infoport” or “bidules”, with which interpreters can deliver their consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. Participants who need interpretation in different languages are divided into groups, and each group is accompanied by its own interpreter.

When and why should I choose this mode?

For diplomatic delegations; when there is no fixed location for the event; at site visits and/or facility tours/audits.

Distance Interpreting/Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

When the speaker, participants and/or interpreters are not in the same location, simultaneous interpretation is possible via remote simultaneous interpretation platforms. Consecutive interpretation can also be delivered using videoconferencing tools that are able to ensure high sound quality. If you need interpretation into more than one language, you should opt for one of the various platforms that enable interpreters to hear one another.

When and why should I choose this mode?

For corporate meetings where there are speakers and/or employees attending from different locations; at events such as workshops and training sessions where you want to emphasize that everyone is offered an equal opportunity, regardless of their location and language competencies. Whatever the case, you have to be sure that the technical infrastructure available to the speakers and interpreters is reliable enough to enable uninterrupted and seamless communication.

Over a period of roughly two years, since the official declaration of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, Integris interpreters have provided nearly 1,000 glitch-free days of interpretation in compliance with the technical guidelines of our professional organizations. In our contract with you, we pledge that, for remote assignments, we will have a high-speed Ethernet connection, an uninterrupted power supply, professional headphones and  microphones, and backup devices for emergencies.

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